Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why can’t I find an address anywhere for Shaggy to Chic?

A:  Shaggy to Chic is a home-based grooming shop located in
Downtown Apex, NC.  In order to protect our home life, we do not
publish our address, but will gladly provide it when you contact us.

Q:  Why does it seem like I frequently get voicemail when I call
Shaggy to Chic?

A:  If you are calling during business hours, chances are, we are up to
our elbows in suds, or in the middle of a groom, making it difficult to
answer the phone at that time.  We regularly check voicemail
throughout the day and will give you a call right back!

Q:  What forms of payment are accepted at Shaggy to Chic?

A:  At this time, only cash or check is accepted as payment.

Q:  How often should I have my pet groomed?

A:  Grooming your pet is a part of keeping them healthy and happy.  
Depending on breed, coat type, style choice, as well as your at-home
maintenance routine, some dogs require regular grooming every four
to six weeks, and some just need the occasional bath.  We will be
happy to discuss your dog’s specific needs with you.

Q:  What happens if I am running late for my appointment?

A:  At Shaggy to Chic, we only work on one dog at a time.  Therefore,
your appointment time is the beginning of the alloted time set aside to
work on your dog before our next client arrives.  We understand that
traffic and other situations arise. If you are going to be more than 15
minutes late, please call us at (919) 239-0041 to find out if you should
still come for your appointment, or if we will need to reschedule for a
different date.  

Q:  At what age should my puppy visit the groomer for the first

A:  It is very important to bring your puppy in as soon as it gets all of
its shots; this is usually between 4 – 5 months. Puppies are much
easier to train and get into a routine than if you wait until they are a
year old. Sometimes for their first visit we will just bathe them and trim
up their feet, face, and hygiene so as to not overwhelm them. This
way it is more pleasant for them and they get used to the process. But
we also recommend that you start brushing your puppy and get it
used to being handled as soon as you bring him home. Some poodle
breeders start shaving the feet and face on their puppies as young as
2 weeks old to get them used to the process. And these puppies are a
dream to work on.

Q:  Does my dog and/or cat need to be fully vaccinated to visit
Shaggy to Chic?

A:  Yes! It is in the best interest for your pets and the other visiting
pets. We ask that your pet is current on their rabies, DHLPP, and the
Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine. Just like when you visit a boarding
kennel or a dog park, your pet is at risk if he/she is not protected.
Viruses like kennel cough have an incubation period of up to 7 days
with no warning signs. We have no way of telling if yours or another
pet is carrying this virus. We can not be held responsible if your pet
becomes infected with this virus. We do not require you to provide
paperwork unless needed.  However, we will have you sign a
disclaimer form acknowledging that your pet is up to date on its shots
and that if we ever need proof, you would be able to provide it.

Q:  Will my dog like being groomed?

A:  Some dogs love the attention and the physical sensations of
grooming and many of them enjoy having a change of scenery.
However many do not. Often there is a particular aspect of grooming
that they object to: some dislike the bath, some hate being combed,
some are not used to being handled, some find it traumatic being
separated from their owner, some just find it boring having to sit still
for so long!

Whatever your dog’s objections, we try to make the experience as
easy as possible. We are as gentle as we can be when removing
knots and tangles and will clip a dog when we feel dematting will be
too uncomfortable (or impossible). We restrain dogs as little as
possible during grooming as they are often more relaxed when not
tied tightly. We try to ease young pups or first-timers into the process
and don’t expect too much of them and where possible we will use
alternative ways of getting a particular step accomplished, or leave it
out altogether. Most dogs learn to tolerate, if not actually enjoy, the
grooming process and are not unduly ruffled by it.

Q:  What if I want my dog short but not shaved?

A:  In grooming lingo, "shaving" and "clipping" are one and the same.  
When we talk about shaving, it does not mean that your dog will end
up bald!  Grooming blades come in a variety of different lengths.  Not
all blade lengths work well on every dog.  Depending on your dog's
coat type and condition, we will be able to discuss the possible lengths
of hair for its haircut.

Q:  I hesitate to leave my dog when it seems so scared to be at
the groomer’s.

A:  Not many dogs enjoy baths and noisy dryers or getting their nails
clipped.  It is normal for them to shake when they arrive, because they
know what is coming.  Typically, a dog tends to put on a dramatic
"show" for its owner to try to get out of the grooming session.  
However, once the owner leaves, most dogs calm right down and
calmly go through the routine of the grooming process.  The best
thing you can do for your dog if it is nervous is to calmly give them to
us, without making a big deal about leaving.  Dogs pick up on their
owners' anxieties.  If you are calm, it will benefit your dog's state of
mind.  Please do not worry about your baby.  Since we are a small
home-based shop, we tend to be quieter, with less commotion, with
fewer dogs and fewer stressors in general.  We will take excellent care
of them at Shaggy to Chic and will do everything to provide a calm,
happy environment for your dog.

Q:  Is there anything I should do before I bring my dog to
Shaggy to Chic for its grooming appointment?

    •        Take your dog to potty – because it’s a new environment,
    a surprising number of dogs poop or pee within half an hour of
    arriving at the shop. To make your dog more comfortable make
    a point of knowing he has eliminated completely before bringing
    him in. If possible, please do this before you are in our back
    yard, but if you didn’t have the chance, we do have a
    designated “dog walk area”…Just ask us where!  

    •        Don’t feed your dog too soon before the appointment - if
    your dog usually has a meal during the day, try to ensure that
    he eats at least an hour before you leave for his appointment,
    so that he has digested the meal. Car travel, over-excitement
    and stress can all cause a dog to feel nauseous if he has eaten
    too recently and it’s not uncommon for excitable or anxious
    dogs to throw up soon after they arrive at the shop.

    •        Act cool - when you bring your dog in, don’t make a big
    fuss of leaving him—this distresses dogs a great deal. Come in
    happily and confidently, with your dog on lead and walking on
    his own feet, not being carried.  When you collect your dog, the
    same applies—don’t make a big fuss or baby him. If you make a
    big emotional deal out of the whole thing, your dog will too.

Please feel free to ask us more questions!!  We'll be happy to answer